Sink Replacement

Sink Replacement in Clarksville TN

If sink replacement is necessary because of leaks, cracks or damage, or if you’re replacing a kitchen sink or doing a bathroom sink replacement as part of a remodel, Emerson Plumbing has you covered.

Whether your new kitchen sink, bathroom sink or laundry tub has the same configuration as your old sink and faucet setup will figure into the difficulty of the replacement, and therefore, the cost.

We help with the plumbing fixtures in kitchen and bath remodels, and can make recommendations and offer solutions if you would like.

We install:

  • Country sinks
  • Single sinks
  • Double sinks
  • Pedestal sinks
  • Wall mounted sinks
  • Vanity sinks
  • And more

And of course, with your new sink you will likely be getting a new faucet. That installation will be included in the cost of installing your new sink.

If you need sink replacement in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage or other area, call Emerson Plumbing today at 931-320-1937 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.